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Women's Hair
9 Feb 2018

Women’s Hair

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Many women’s’ hairstyles are fairly complex, and take time and attention to maintain. Perhaps they seem to care more because they devote more energy to it. In my life, I’ve had low-maintenance styles and high-maintenance styles, and I think I’ve cared equally as much about its appearance. But with the lower-maintenance styles, I probably appeared to care less about it because I devoted less time and energy to make it look the way I wanted.

Hair Cut

Most men I know care about how their hair looks. They wouldn’t, for example, cut it themselves with cheap scissors just because that’s easier; they’ll pay for a professional haircut. If it sticks up in the morning, they’ll wet it down. But because of the style, they’re not going to have to deal with a blow dryer or flat iron to get it to look the way they want.

Women’s Hair

Personally, I pay attention to my hair, face and figure because I pay very little attention to clothes most of the time. And yes, I want to look attractive. I feel more confident when I look nice, but for me, looking nice is pretty much having clean clothes, a bit of makeup, and bouncy shiny hair.

Woman's Hair

Woman’s Hair

By a woman making an imprint of herself, she can portray herself in such a way, that it gives her an identity. This is the equivalent of you choosing to buy clothes because you want to give an image to others, of what you are. You can see this as a code, like nature has red in animals to mean danger. The code goes pretty much like this.

I come to the conclusion that when women say they do their hair to look good, what they really mean is that they do their hair to have an identity. You do the same thing with the clothes you choose to wear. You want people to have a certain impression of you, that’s why you wear those clothes.

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