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10 Feb 2018

Hair Pieces or Hair Buns

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Hair Pieces are a beautiful contrast to the wearing of long hair, and all kinds of creative braided hair pieces really can feel trendy and look delightful. Featured below for you are 16 braided hair piece styles.

Elegant Bun

Braided hair piece is the most important bands and sides leave sufficient amount of fat, and braids flowers on their heads because of the large volume cannot be too spent sliding neatly, both still to use a tip top comb on both sides deliberately picked the loose, extravagance, and grace, a sense of elegant retro.

Elegant Bun

Elegant Bun

Loose Hair Piece
Want to really like European Princess in ancient times so elegant, this hairstyle will ensure that the top is not a mess, bottom-style. One-third massage in the head with a small amount of hair wax and smooth, but not too heavy, then at medium porosity into Scorpion braid, finally, to take care of some of the volume, with a sense of retro appeal to the top curls.

Volume up hair pieces

Volume up hair pieces

Side Braid Hair Piece

Seemingly complex is like a Chinese knot collection rules, points to a varied set of hair are average, and headed in one direction, so that finally didn’t drum up and looked sloppy, the angle is to control, to lowered his tail in the direction of inclined 30 degrees down, don’t be levels like a matchmaker.


Wig hair piece

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