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10 Feb 2018

Hair Extensions Aftercare Part 2

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Directions for Washing

Smooth the shampoo down the extension hair – never rub as tangling will occur. Make sure to get in amongst the bonds and scrub your scalp down.
Condition from the mid lengths to the ends of the extension hair. Do not apply conditioner to the bonds.
Wash your hair upright (a shower is ideal). Never tip your extensions to wash over a sink or bath, pat hair gently to remove excess water. Again do not rub. Be very careful when washing long hair extensions in a hairdressing basin and hair can gather at the bottom of the basin and tangle.


Hair Extensions Aftercare

When hair is damp spray in Protein Spray or use Argand Oil/serum. Dry your hair extensions bonds first using the cool setting on your hairdryer. Never use the hot setting as this can melt bonds over a period of time.
Section your hair and blow-dry section by section using a round vent brush or extension brush. Point the hairdryer to the floor to smooth the extension hair. Never leave your hair extensions to dry naturally and never rough dry your extensions.
Finish with hair straighteners or for a wavy style you can use heated rollers, tongs or any other heat tool. Keep heat away from your extension bonds and use a heat deference spray at all times. Always use a Heat Protection spray before blow-drying and applying heat.

If using a sun bed wrap your hair in a towel to protect the bonds and the extension hair. Wearing your hair extensions abroad can cause dryness of the extension hair so try to keep it nourished. Whilst on holiday try not to get extension hair wet, if it does come into contact with chlorine wash your hair immediately. Your extension hair may dry out abroad so bear this in mind and give your hair a deep treatment upon return.

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