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Aftercare Hair Extensions
10 Feb 2018

Hair Extensions Aftercare Part 3

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We highly recommend that you use our Aftercare products which are specially formulated for use with hair extensions. They will restore your natural hair and condition of your hair extensions, this is essential to looking after your extensions, although the extensions are human hair, they do not receive any nutrients from your scalp like natural hair.

We recommend the following aftercare ranges:

Aftercare Range for hair extensions

Using heat on the hair extensions hair can reduce their life span. Extensions should be treated with respect, just as your natural hair. Good aftercare and maintenance that will keep hair looking and feeling good for longer.

Washing Your Hair Extensions:

Once the extensions have been applied, you should avoid washing hair for two to three days. After a few days we recommend your extensions must be washed only two or three times every week (no more than this) before washing we suggest brushing your hair extensions thoroughly to remove any teasing or tangles using wide tooth comb or soft brush to separate these bonds. We also suggest you do not use hair products which have alcohol as one of their ingredients some can dry out your hair excessively!

When you wash your hair, avoid tipping your head over your bath since it can cause them to tangle. Wash them with head upright, ideally in a shower. The hair should be gently massage on the scalp with your fingertips, using a light up and down motion. DO NOT wash the hair in circular motions (never rub the hair together) as these can cause tangles or even matting. Smooth your shampoo on your scalp and avoid rubbing vigorously.

Pick out the top section of your hair and then apply the conditioner to it. Once hair is washed, pat them gently rather than rubbing them together.

Conditioner should be used only from mid length of the hair till the ends. Avoid applying the conditioner or anything oily to your bonds since these will cause them to become slippery and soft. Also do not apply too much water all of a sudden as it swells up hair and cause tangles.

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