Straight Hair to Natural Afro Care Course £425

TypeOnsite Course
PlaceGrantham & Nottinghamshire
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Afro Natrual Hair Courses

Through interactive demonstration and practical experience, students will gain versatile knowledge and technical expertise, in the unique styling and wonderful creative of straight hair afro-textured hair. Add an essential and extremely marketable string to your set of styling skills.

Course Content: Practical & Theoretical
Time: 10.00am – 3.00 pm
Price: £425
Portfolio: Live Models/ Blocks
Includes: Kits
Location: Girlis Academy or Participating Colleges

One 2 One Training is available on request with £50 fuel charge
This course is written to the National Occupational Standard (NOS)

Afro Hair Care

During this course you will learn how to handle Afro textured hair, straight to afro curly hair, expertly advise clients on what products best for use, how to style and finish, aftercare advise.

In this course, you will learn:

– Is it true that you should not cut afro hair wet?
– What types of shampoos and conditioners helps afro Hair?
– What temperature water should be used?
– Is there an order you should use all your products?
– Why co-washing is good for afro hair?
– The best way to dry afro hair?
– Using heat on afro hair
– How to encourage growth in afro hair?
– What kind of moisturising product?
– Why avoid using brushes?
– How to control your afro curls?
– How to sleep to keep those curls intact?

Kit Contains

– Straight Training Head
– Sectioning Clip
– Afro Combs
– Afro Brush
– Water Bottle
– Certificate
– Instruction Manual

Section 1Afro
Final Quiz